Camely’s Quinceañera at Monteverde


   New York Quinceanera Photographer

New York Quinceañera photographer.

A beautiful Quinceañera at Monteverde’s Old Stone Manor in Westchester. Portraits were taken on the grounds, lawns and around the old mansion overlooking the Hudson River with views of the Hudson Valley in all directions. The day itself was sunny and bright and afforded amazing family portraits and group shots. The cocktail hour was held on the paved terrace near the house, surrounded by trees and planting, where plated hors d’oeuvres were served.

The reception was a tented-affair, where Camely and her friends made their entrance. Danced with her mother and father and performed the changing of the shoes ceremony which indicates the transition from a girl to womanhood. From there on there was plenty of dancing, cake-cutting and a lovely candle-lighting ceremony.

Camely looked stunning in a fabulous gown with embroidered flower print along the hem. Overall this was a charming and relaxed Quinceañera event that was both a joy to attend and document.


Wedding at Westchester’s Montervede Oldstone Manor


One of our favorite venues to shoot at — have I said that often? The place is beautiful, expansive grounds overlooking the Hudson, the people are lovely and really take care of their guests, plus they run a really tight ship too, which we’re always grateful for….all events at Monteverde seem to run super smoothly as the day progresses. And weirdly it’s always beautiful weather. There’s a link at the bottom if you want to visit their new site.
Here are a few highlights from an enormous galley of almost 1400 images – we deliver big! A mix of formals and details from a lovely wedding. Enjoy!

Rich with history and situated majestically overlooking the Hudson River, Monteverde at Oldstone is less than a one hour drive from Manhattan. 

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Monteverde at Oldstone Manor Wedding


Monteverde at Oldstone Manor Westchester Weddingwestchester-wedding-monteverde-0001

An Indian wedding at Monteverde at Oldstone Manor in Westchester. Proud to be a featured vendor of this venue – ask to see our album when you visit.westchester-wedding-monteverde-0003   westchester-wedding-monteverde-0004

No spinach…check!westchester-wedding-monteverde-0002westchester-wedding-monteverde-0005westchester-wedding-monteverde-0006

With the groomsmen hanging in the ‘groomsmen suite’? All the rooms at Monteverde are well-appointed and roomy, and come with your own deck. A nice relaxed environment to start a wedding.westchester-wedding-monteverde-0008

Pink ties for all.westchester-wedding-monteverde-0007 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0009 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0010 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0011 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0012

The stunning bride in all her finery. Photos on the deck adjoining the bridal room. I agree, she should be in a magazine!westchester-wedding-monteverde-0013 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0015 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0014 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0016

The groom’s deck.westchester-wedding-monteverde-0017 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0018 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0019 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0020 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0021 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0022 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0023 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0024 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0025 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0026 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0027 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0028 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0029 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0030 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0031

Handsome couple!westchester-wedding-monteverde-0032 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0033 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0034 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0035 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0036 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0037 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0038 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0039 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0040 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0041 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0042 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0043 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0044 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0045 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0046 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0047 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0048 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0049 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0050 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0051 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0052 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0053 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0054 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0055

Family formals on the lawn:westchester-wedding-monteverde-0056 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0057 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0058 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0059 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0060 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0061 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0063 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0064 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0065

Tea ceremony:westchester-wedding-monteverde-0066 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0068 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0067 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0073 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0074 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0072 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0071 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0070 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0069 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0078 westchester-wedding-monteverde-0077

Monteverde at Oldstone Manor Westchester Wedding,  photography by Catherine Leonard in the Hudson Valley. Amazing Hudson Valley wedding venue Monteverde.

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